Ignition Module with eWon Cosy 131

Is it possible to use eWon Cosy 131 with the HMS Ignition Module? We are planning on using eWon Flexy to connect to our gateway on future projects, but we also have several Cosy 131 (3G) that we have retired from the field because 3G service is no longer available from our cellular provider. Would it be possible to use these routers using the WAN connection and Ignition Gateway Module?

I was able to connect to Talk2M/eCatcher with the 131 router. since the Ignition Module uses that network I figured it might be possible to read tags from a PLC connected to the router.

I understand that the eWon Cosy 131 just might not work with Ignition but I figured I would ask.

Hi Jason,

The Ewon Cosy is primarily a remote access device and lacks the more advanced scripting and data logging capabilities of the Flexy line. These capabilities are required to run the HMS Ignition Module, so unfortunately the Cosy is not able to run the module.