Inaccurate values for Woodward Easygen3500

Setup Netbiter to communicate with Woodward Easygen3500 using RS485. Used the template provided by Support, and when looking at the values, they are all inaccurate. For example: looking at engine hours of operation, under browse devices, when the refresh values button is hit, it pulls down a 0 value. When looking at the other values, they all seem to be inaccurate. Attached are some photos of the current setup, and the values that I am seeing. Also attached is a snip of engine hours of operation, MODBUS address as found in the Woodward Easygen manual. Since these values were different, I attempted to change the template to reflect the value found in the Woodward manual, but that caused a failed communication for that particular parameter.

Hi Datz,
Holding registers have a 40000 or sometimes 40001 offset so they are sometimes written out with that offset included. 450128 should be the same as saying the type is holding register and address 50128.

The templates are used by many people so I am hesitant to think there is an issue. Looking at the value shown in the manual i wonder if there is an incorrect offset. Try updating the template to read 50127 or 50128 and see if either give you an accurate number. Without seeing the titles of the table im not sure exactly what the user manual is saying for some info.

Ok thanks I will try the offset changes when I get back to the device. I have also attached a snip of the same table line but included headers this time.tableheaders

We figured out the issue. Our MODBUS protocol ID was incorrect on the Woodward side. We changed it to 5003 and it corrected the issue. Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear you have it resolved!