INMBSMHI001R000 Modbus stays offline


Can not get de modbus online on the module.

Using a Mitsubishi srk 25 zs-s indoor unit withe only the communication module nessesary for communicating.

Can someone help with the settings?

adress 2

Have you read the User Manual? That explains all the dip switch settings, Modbus specifications, and wiring.

Yes, but what is on on and off?

Persuming that the white blocks are the dip switches, made the settings, but still doesn’t come online.

Do have “communication error” as led indication.

But still has to come online tho.

On is up, you can see where it says “ON”:


Are you receiving a Modbus error code?

If not, it’s likely a wiring problem. Try swapping polarity, for example. Make sure your Modbus Master is using RS485 and terminating resistors are used where necessary.

I know what is on, on the module.

Only the manual is not clear. (what is black and what is white)

No error code. just not communicating at all.
Not online, so no data at all…

Are my setting correct tho?

I see what you mean. It looks like the switches are actually black because node 0 should be all switches off.

This sounds like a wiring or communication setting issue. You can try swapping Rx and Tx, or polarity. Also, make sure that terminating resistors are on the end of the node.

Can you share your program so that I can check?

I will do a test tomorrow.

What program?? ths is a fixed modbus device. The pictures show my settings.

Nevermind, I didn’t understand that by settings you meant the dip switch positions.

Let me know what you find from the test.

Were you able to resolve this issue? If not, I would recommend creating a case with your local support team at