INpact EPL Slave - SoC Times


I have downloaded version 4.0.875.0 of the VCI driver and have been looking through the sample code (IDLc_TestApp_VS2010) and documentation. Our hardware is set to arrive next week.

Is it possible to read the start of cycle (SoC) time that is being broadcast from the MN? We will need to read both the NetTime and RelativeTime values in the frame. (See in the EPL spec.) I see a “Network Time” that can be read via the Anybus Object (01h) at Instance Attribute 19 but not sure what this equates to.


Unfortunately there is no access to the SoC values. The Network Time attribute is a abstract interface, the EPL firmware does not support. Thus it exists, but will not provide a meaningful value.

Synchronizing our clock to the SoC frame times is a hard requirement for us. Is this work on the roadmap or do we need to pay for custom development? What do you think the best path forward is?


Hi, I’m currently looking into this and will let y ou know what I found out.