INpact firmware load on system startup?



We recently purchased one INpact slave IRT PCIe M.2 card. Our client app may or not be running at any given time, but we want to make sure that the INpact card can pass Ethernet traffic through from one of the two ports to the other. In the software examples I’ve seen, it appears that it’s the client app that should be making a call to ABCC_hwInit() such that the INpact firmware loads and allows the INpact card to behave as an Ethernet switch. Is it possible to have some other software other than the client app perform the hardware initialization, and then have the client app access the already-initialized hardware?



Hello Bruce,

We don’t have much info on this in our office that run the forum. I recreated this in a case on our support platform You should be able to log in with you email address. If you haven’t ever logged in before you might need to perform a password reset.



Thanks, Deryck.