INpact PIR Slave PCIe - .NET Samples Error Initializing socket failed: Not implemented

I have a problem with a Ixxat INpact PIR Slave PCIe Card. I installed the newest VCI V4.0.939.0 driver software.
The card is show in the device manager without any errors. But when i try to use the included .Net samples, i get error messages like: Initializing socket failed: Not implemented.

No of the 4 examples work. I attached screenshots from each sample.
The led indicators from the card are: U1 red blink and U2 green is on
What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance for help

I’m used the wrong example projects. For the INpact card is the IDL example project.

Are you still experiencing the issue with the IDL examples?

no, with the IDL examples there are no error messages.