Insert a 2005CD MPI in a new pool, the old is not existing anymore


i have read a lot of transfering ewon to new account’s. i tried the option i found but non was working.

When i try to connect by name or activation key, i always have the same message:

@eCatcher: Unable to regidter device *****. It’s already registrated on another account.

i loaded the news firmware and software for eBuddy and eCachter and disabled vpn.

how can I solve my problem?

To move a ewon device to a new account you must first delete it from the old account. If this is not possible you will need to contact your distributor or local support team.


i have read how to transfer a existing device to a new account. In my case it didn’t work:

at ewon i have the following message:

at eCatcher: Unable to register device ****. It is already registrated on another account.

i stopped vpn, i tried register by name and activation code
i loaded newest firmware to device and softwareversion of eBuddy,eCatcher

The old account is not active anymore, i need the device in a new account. thanks for helping!