Intermittent loss of connectivity

I have a test setup of the Anybus Wireless running in Bluetooth configuration, one NAP and the other PANU Client. Periodically I am seeing a lost of connectivity. My system reports loss of Internet connection and the looking is what I see on a constant ping that is running. Any ideas why this would be happening? Obviously this will not deploy if we get intermittent connectivity losses.



Looking up the General Failures, i do see a lot of issues are solved with a DNS Flush. I have attached an article below to show possible fixes.

What was the ratio for Failure : Success on that Ping Command? I would also use a different laptop/pc to run the ping test as well.

No DNS involved. Pinging a local address on the other side of the link gets intermittent failures. No doubt a bluetooth issue. I am running 2.4Ghz wireless now with no issues as of yet.


Can you trying pinging the device from a different PC? General Failure means that the ping wasn’t even sent. Did you go over the link i posted above?

I am in a very limited test environment at this point. I am going to let the wifi run a while under the same test to the same destination. That is a valid direction at this time. I am pinging from a very reliable PC to the Internet gateway on the other side of the bridge. I am connected to the same bridge and have not touched the physical connection to the bridge. Nothing has changed but moving from Bluetooth to 2.4Ghz wifi. If this tests fine overnight I will move back to Bluetooth and see if the problem reappears.

Hi Al,

I believe we spoke on the phone earlier about setting up PANU PANU connections. It might be a good idea for you to also take a wireshark capture to see what other data is being sent though the connection. I’m wondering if extra general internet traffic from other applications on you PC are being sent though the bridge causing packets to be dropped.



I am not in an environment where I have a switch and can mirror a port to take wireshark captures. I do know that if Bluetooth on has capability one 1Mbps, it won’t work. I am going to try and use wifi 2.4 and see if the results are better. I cannot use 5Ghz I know. That would be a conflict with IT space.

What does the setup look like? I assumed you have a bridge* directly connected to your PC? You should be able to just capture that adapters traffic directly.

What do you have set for IP addresses on the adapter? Is there a gateway address?

I am not using a Bolt. I am using two Anybus Bridge II’s. I have a PC connected to the remote unit and the other unit connects to my Internet router/switch.

Are you setting you PC up for internet access though this connection does you adapter have a gateway? I suspect this is causing you to push more data though the Bridges Bluetooth connection and causing your packet loss. Remember BT only has at most a 1Mbps throughput.


I understand, and that is why I have concluded Bluetooth will not work for this application. Can’t skate on that thin of ice. I am looking at testing 2.4G wifi at this point.

2.4 Wifi should give you more bandwidth for traffic even in a wifi busy enviroment. Bluetooth could work in your industrial setup you would just need to watch the amount of traffic. In your test I’m concerned you were pushing all your PC’s internet traffic though the bridge, this includes out side you local network. This is most likely more traffic then just a few Ethernet/IP IO connections.


We will test both at the plant when and if we get to that point. I am awaiting some addition information from Frito-Lay before I can proceed to test at a plant.

Thank you for your patience on the this Al, let us know what the results of the experiment are.

Has there been any update on this issue?