Intermittent state of unable to listen

CAN communication works well for a few minutes, but then the IXXAT adapter can only send messages, it cannot detect anything on the line.

We can usually resolve the issue by closing the communication and re-initiating in the software, but sometimes a hard disconnect of the USB power is needed. After a reboot, everything works fine again for a few minutes

We tried multiple V2 and older adapters, 1000kbit and 500kbit. Everything has been replaced multiple times except cabling.

It seems the adapter gets into an error state. Any idea how to avoid that or how to get more details on the trouble?

Hi Jonathan,

What software are you using?

Do you see the inbound messages when using the built-in CANanalyser mini program? That will show the raw CAN traffic, so if you don’t see anything, it’s either a connection problem (check wiring and termination) or a problem with the other device.

By error state, do you mean the CAN LED changes?

Can you share a CAN trace of what you are seeing?

FYI, for higher priority, you should create a case in our ticketing system at as we have had a large case load this month and cannot prioritize the forum as much as usual.

Hello Kyle,

We updated our drivers and everything is resolved, thank you!

Great! Thanks for the update!