Internet access from LAN to WAN (4G)

We have gone through all the settings of the Cosy Network Configuration (allow Internet Access for Cosy LAN Devices) we have access through a connected Laptop on the LAN from the eWon Cosy+ via LAN-WAN(4G T-Mobile) from inside to outside only to the and the website, but can’t open other websites?
The VPN access via eCatcher to eWon works fine without problems also the access to the USB bus and LAN works over the VPN connection, all devices are approachable. However, if we connect a laptop to the LAN of the eWon it can get to as well to your website, but no other website is approachable even with preset DNS values e.g. and, we are working through a T-mobile 4G connection which is not experiencing any problems.

Albert Harteman

Are you sure that and are not just cached by the browser? Do they still work if you open a private or incognito window?

From the laptop, can you ping an internet IP address like

You need to make sure of the following:

  1. In the comcfg.txt:
    NATitf = 2
    FwrdToWAN = 1
    VPNRedirect = 0
  2. The Ewon has been rebooted after changing these settings.
  3. The laptop’s default gateway needs to = the Ewon’s LAN IP address
  4. You are using good DNS servers (which it looks like you are)

If you are still experiencing problems, make sure that tethering is allowed by the cellular provider.

Good morning Kyle,

thanks for the quick response, all the setting have been done as you mentioned in your response and the eWon has been rebooted. from the LAN over WAN I can perform a working Ping to my connected Laptop takes the correct DHCP values from the eWon DHCP, enclosed also the service file from the eWon.

As said I can get on the website of Google and your website, but no other websites, the data SIM of T-Mobile has full freedom also tethering.

If it is possible I can also send you the backup.etar.gz file and the schreenshots of the ping as well as LAN adaptor settings etc, just let me know how to send them to you

This is a very strange case. You seem to have an internet connection, but there is a problem with DNS resolution. I would recommend creating a case at and attaching the backup with support files so your local Ewon team can take a look at it.

Hi Kyle,
I am the local distributor of Ewon for Tedsen and also mentioned it to the Ewon support.
For your info:
What we see now is that the problem seems to be in the modem of the Cosy+.
When we have the same settings, Sim card and antenna on the Flexy 205 we see it working fine.
When we do a ping behind the Cosy+ we see that 1 out of three pings give a timeout.
So there seems to be a slowing down factor, but not sure what that is.
gr Richard

Hi Richard,

I would recommend creating a case at This board is run by the HMS Americas team, and we do not yet have the Cosy+ 4G. It’s still being certified by the U.S. cellular companies. The EU team should be able to better assist you with this.

Best Regards,

Hi Kyle,
Thanks, I already did that and am waiting for their response.
Gr Richard

OK good. They should be getting in touch with you soon. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.