Internet access to pc

I have a cosy 131 setup for remote access with no problems,
however , I noticed that I cannot get internet access on the PC that is connected to the Cosy.

I followed the steps on the document ( )

but still cannot get internet access on my own laptop or sites PC.

using the cosy as a gateway and using DNS servers,

would love some help please if you know anything that i could have missed

If you followed those directions correctly you should be able to reach the internet though the cosy. Once the parameters are set make sure you have restarted the device.

Can you make sure you can ping the ewon and see if you can ping a known public ip address.

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by restarting the device, will just a reboot do the job or does it need complete power down first?
I did reboot it a few times and still had no internet beside the tunnel.

Gateways were set to match the ewon as well.

Just a reboot should do. Does the ewon have any issues getting connecting? Do you know if they are only allowing it to connect to the talk2m servers?
If you run a trace route in command prompt does it show the traffic going to the ewon?

can I run this on my own machine if I login to the ecatcher app and connect to my Ewon?

like everything looks fine on the system status page , and I remember the older webpage had option to tick a box if I wanted to allow traffic through

You would want to run that command from the PC trying to get internet access though the Cosy.

To change these setting on the Cosy 131 in the modern UI you will want to change them from the cosy’s web page com cfg section. After they are changed you need to reboot the device to apply them.

next time Im down at that site ill try resetting all the settings again and power cycle the 131

ill come back with what happens

Thanks for the update let me know the results and I can advice further.