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In the company where I work these cozy “131” routers, but have a defect that I cannot understand the one that is due. The issue is, these routers are installed in VMI and Mecatherm equipment, the internet connection is stable when the machines are not running (at the time of production), when the production start the internet is interrupted and only come when I reset the router or disconnect the WAN cable, works for about 5 minutes and again interrupt. I wonder why this behaviour happen?


Hi Geronimo,

It could be interference. Is this a wired connection to WAN? If the ethernet cable does not have good shielding and is near a large power source when the machine is running, that may be the case. If you can make a backup using eBuddy and include the support files, post here, we can take a look to get a better idea.



Thank you for your support.

I also thought it was interference itself, I ended up switching cables past the armored ones in some stations, but it continues. In fact these machines VMI and Mecatherm have a very strong electrical installation, but before it worked with this Cat6 UTP cable (without shielding). I even increased the Internet speed.

So OK, I’m going take the Backup on eBuddy when this start to produce and then I gonna show you.



Greetings I hope you're doing fine, I'm fine. After we talked about this subject I was absent from work and only now I can provide you the eBuddy backup.

Thank you!


eCatcher Log.csv (32.8 KB)


Thank you sir-
Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the info I need… Can you take backups again and make sure to include the Support files?



Ok now is with Include Support Files



Does it run when the machines are running if you reset it (or can you when its running?) Are you able to connect to it at all when the machines are running?

What is connected to it currently?


Thank you, I really appreciate your help and frankly, my company is just a customer and does not understand any of this, at the time of mounting this there was no training in this device (eWON Modem).

The following is:

These modems are connected in bread machines, inside these machines there is an interconnected system that couples computers among other digital components. My LAN network connects about 20 of these machines provided by VMI and Mecatherm.

A few months ago, it worked normally, so without noticing when it was that this change in the functioning happened that the Internet is no longer stable. So, whenever I want to connect remotely while they are in operation (bread making), they lack the internet, so I must reboot and fall again in five minutes.

Yes, I am able to connect while they work, just tell me the time that you will be available. I’m in Mozambique, the time zone is (UTC + 02: 00) Harare, Pretoria. Now I’m going to leave, so tomorrow I’ll be able to do this if you be available.

Thank you


Dear Sir

I hope you doing well, me I’m. I would like to know when we can proceed with verifying the modem while it is running. When are you available?

Thank you!


I am available today. How long will you be there?


In 10 minutes


I’m now


I’m connected now to one of them


Can you get logs when it goes offline?

If you want to give me account info or do teamviewer session let me know. What is your phone number?



I gonna give you the Teamviewer. My phone number is +258 82 71 34 487


Good morning, Just got to the office. Let me know when you are available.


I’m, but there’s one problem. When I reply to you it’s take long time to you receive my message. Right now I’m going there to connect. I hope this message get to you soon and in 10 minutes I’m sending Tviewer credencials


Team Viewer
ID 1 354 482 200
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I have sent you a message but its still posted


trying to connect now


I am having trouble calling you. Can you call us at +1 312 893 5636 ?