Intesis Home wifi setup

Trying to setup FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA on multiple heads but while following Fujitsu’s ‘Quick Installation Guide’ device network comes up as:

Then connect to this network & attempt going to:

But ‘intesishome device configuration’ page does not load.

Contacted Fujitsu tech support & they suggested I contact Intesis for possible software update or unit replacement.

Please advise

Hello Darcy,

Can you review the attached document and try the process to get the device connected to wifi?

Quick-Wireless-Configuration-RC-Bluetooth.pdf (304.7 KB)

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for the configuration manual, I was able to configure the devices & get customer setup with App.
Unfortunately now in the app on the control menu, the devices are showing:
Error in the communication of IACCC device with the AC unit’

Please advise

Darcy Mullen
Alpine Refrigeration Ltd


The issue is that the AC and the Intesis unit are having trouble communicating. If you are using an IR device, do you have clear line of sight between the Intesis Unit and the AC?


I’m using 2 wired Fujitsu RC devices on two separate Fujitsu heads.

S: KSA156949

S: KSA159688


1st module MAC: CC3F1D033ECC

2nd module MAC: CC3F1D033DA6

I’ve tried shutting each head off with factory remote then cycling system power at breaker.
Was hoping it would reset but no luck in achieving proper communication between devices & head units.
Is there any wiring diagrams or dip switches setting info you can share?
Customer is getting impatient with this setup process.

Any instruction is greatly appreciated.

Would be great if could speak over the phone & get this dealt with promptly & efficiently.

My phone # is: [moved to staff note]

Thank you

Hello Darcy,

The communication between the AC headers and the Intesis units depend upon what is on the line. If you have a wall thermostat/controller. The Intesis Unit must be in a slave position (Default Position). If there is no wall controller, then the Intesis Unit must be in the Master position to send commands to the AC.

Also, The Machine type must be correctly configured on the dipswitch as well.