Intesis MAPS AV vs AI

I am programming an Intesis Profinet to BACnet converter in Intesis MAPS. I imported my signals from excel and that mostly worked fine. However, In excel, I had 2: AV for some, 19: MV for others and 5: BV for the rest. This is how my customer likes to receive the data vs 0: AI and such.

When I import into MAPS, all types got changed to 0:AI and it will not allow me to select AV, BV or MV. When I look in the manual though, it says all are supported and even shows them in the examples.

Is there something I am missing that will allow me to use those types?

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Here’s what I heard back from the escalation on this ticket

This is a restriction on the profinet side their registers are only read or write but not both as would be the case on the a Value type of signal.

the manual is generic and for Modbus or KNX that can support read and write then Value is ok.

however they should be able to adjust the BACnet client to handle intputs and outputs.

Hi, sorry to bring back an old post.
I’m going to face the same issue with the intesis Bacnet/ip to Ethernet/ip gateway.
The HVAC unit I will need to exchange values with from CompactLogix PLC has alot of AV, BV and MV type. I’m not sure what was the solution here ?



It looks like the issue here was that the data types on both sides of the gateway were not comparable types. The Profinet data was read OR write but not both while the BACnet data was both read AND write at the same time. They changed the BACnet device to have separate read and write variables. I’m not sure if you will run into this issue with your device. If you have any specific concerns or a test setup to work with, let me know. We have a new system here where we offer support now if you wish to make a ticket:


Thanks Jack,
Yes I’m going to face the same issue.
I didn’t receive the gateway yet. But starting the project in MAPS and thats when i saw that it doesnt give you the choice of AV, BV & MV data type to transfer between BACnet and Ethernet/ip.
the hvac unit has a predefined data table that we can’t alter so i’m kinda of stuck there as it looks like there is no solution for these values … I don’t understand that this gateway is not able to translate this.
Maybe I’ll have to go with a flexy and transfer the data to my compactlogix.

It sounds like the HVAC unit is a server (slave) device. Our Ethernet/IP gateway is only available as a BACnet server. In that case, you will still need a client (master) on the BACnet network to facilitate the data transfer. And I should also add that this gateway model only has the data type options that are available in MAPS because of the data types available on the PLC side–they can only be read or write but not both.

We do have another gateway model from our 700 series that can be a BACnet client and read those data types but it unfortunately doesn’t have an Ethernet/IP option. Your next best choice would likely be the model for BACnet Client to Modbus TCP. Most PLCs support Modbus if that is your other device or you could use another gateway device from there.