Intesis WMP gateway


I have installed 6 Intesis WMP gateways to control Mitsubishi mini split units. I am running everything in degrees Celsius for better consistency, since that is how the Mitsubishi units work natively.

Initially, the WMP gateways would only operate in full degree celsius increments, even though the Mitsubishi units operate in half degree celsius (verified with Mitsubishi engineers as well as local mitsubishi controller).
After upgrading the WMP units to the latest firmware, the WMP units now allow the setpoints to be set in half degree Celsius increments to match the Mitsubishi protocol which is great, however the ambient temperature reported by Mitsubishi is still being rounded to full degree Celsius increments by the WMP gateway, even though the Mitsubishi units is providing those readings in half degree celsius increments via the Mitsubishi protocol (verified with Mitsubishi engineers and local Mitsubishi controller).

Would it be possible to correct the WMP gateway firmware further such that the ambient temperature readings are reported in half degree Celsius increments as well, and not rounded to full degree Celsius, to allow for more accurate control?

Thank you.

Jean Gottschalk

Hello Jean,

I will submit this request to our team in Spain. I will update you once i recieved confirmation.

Thank you Kevin.


THX for your