Invisible TAP-Windows adapter, Windows 10

We currently have had eCatcher installed on 8 different computers, some W10 and some W7, the only problems I’v had is Windows sometimes renaming the vlan-connection.
But a few weeks ago a strange thing happened on a new W10 Acer laptop:
The vlan-connection that eCatcher uses has dissappered:

Checking the list of network connections it’s nowhere to be found. The same goes for device manager. Running the “deltapall.bat” says there are no more devices to remove. However:
If i try to uninstall and then reinstall eCatcher (tried several versions), or just use the “addtap.bat” the device that is added is called “TAP-Windows Adapter v9 #2”. Indicating that it is the second vlan-connection. Trying to rename this connection to “Talk2m-eCatcher” I get an error stating that there already is a connection with that name, even tho it is not visible anywhere, and eCatcher cant use it to establish a connection…

Any tips not involving a Windows-reinstall?

This is an error with windows 10. Your registry still has the adapter in it somewhere. We do not recommend editing the registry to remove it. If you can’t perform a Windows-reinstall then you can try naming the TAP adapter to be something besides “Talk2m-eCatcher”.

Then open the Talk2MClient file located in ecatcher-talk2m/talk2mvpnservice/conf.

on the line that states –dev-node “Talk2m-eCatcher” change talk2m-ecatcher to what you have renamed the tap adapter.

If this does not work then windows will have to be reinstalled.

Thank you, this fixed my problem! :slight_smile: