IP Address Change Prevents Internet Configuration

Changing the IP address on both a COSY 131 and FLEXY 205 away from the factory set either prevents or breaks ability of the device to connect to the internet via the wizards available on the device webpage. I tried using eBuddy, webpage, and eCatcher to change the IP with the same result each time, both before and after device configuration and after factory resets. I tried updating the firmware up to the most recent stable version and following the wizards and instructions detailed in the manuals to no avail. Is there some step or sequence I’m missing here?


Are you currently local to the device or remote? Can you create a backup of the device in eBuddy with support files included.

I will be able to in a few days. Do you have an idea what might be happening?

Sounds like a possible network clash between the WAN and LAN subnets. Another possibility is if you have an SD card with configuration setting inserted into the Ewon that will set the device on reboot. With a backup I would be able to know more since it will have the event logs.


I finally got the device back on-site and was able to repeat the failure mode. I’ve included the ‘Good’ factory internet connection and the ‘Bad’ one where the internal IP address has been modified through eBuddy.

I would really like to know what this failure mode is, as it leads to some very frustrating times on customer sites.

Thank you very much for looking into this.

George W. Murtha



Hi George,
On the changed backup you have the LAN and the WAN network in the same subnet of 192.168.0.x which is why you cannot connect. This is the “LAN and WAN IP addresses configured are conflicting” message you are seeing. The Ewon is a gateway that needs two different networks, one for the LAN side and the other for the WAN.

So that all just came down to the network it was connecting to? Unfortunate, as I didn’t have the ability to change the devices I was working with either above or below. Just terrible luck. Thanks for the feedback.

If neither of the networks can be changed you can try installing a router on the WAN side between the Ewon and rest of the network. With that you could change the IP on the WAN of the Ewon so they don’t show as being in the same network.