Is it Possible to Brick an eWon Cosy 131?

I have the same problem as one of your other customers where the eWon was unable to connect to DNS.
I saw their problem was resolved by upgrading the firmware.
I downloaded the instructions and started the firmware upgrade process.
for the first few times of attempting to download the firmware, the eBuddy was unable to detect the eWon in recovery mode.
Then finally eBuddy discovered the eWon in recovery mode and began the recovery.
The recovery process went as far as stating Secure connection established.
After several seconds an error message appeared stating that the file couldn’t be downloaded to RAM, and aborted.
I started the recovery process all over again, but the eWon was unresponsive.
The lights came on after power up but the eWon never entered recovery mode. Even when the BI1 button was not pressed the eWon did not recover a connection and could not be found by eBuddy.


Do you know the serial number of the device?


During the recovery, did you use a 10/100 ethernet switch between your PC and the eWON LAN Port 1?
If you are available for a call, we can discuss the recovery procedure to ensure everything is correct.

You can send your contact information to me via a private message, if you’d like.

Yes, I used 10/100 switch between PC and eWon LAN Port 1.
I sent PM with phone number.

I took the eWon home last night and had the same results as we saw yesterday. The eWon was unresponsive. I also noticed that the eWon’s Ethernet port was not active. The port in the switch I used at home didn’t see show a connection or activity light on the port. I think the eWon is dead. What do I need to do to get it repaired?


I sent you a private message with next steps.

I started the RMA process.

I attempted an SD card recovery. Other than the lights being on solid, the unit is still completely unresponsive.