Is Micro850 Rockwell PLC compatible with AB7007?


I am trying to make a demo system for our automation product. The demo will consist of our automation product (that uses Serial RS485 communication), an Ethernet IP to Serial Anybus gateway (type: AB7007) that will connect to a suitable Rockwell PLC via Ethernet IP.

I have selected the Rockwell Micro820 PLC (type: 2080-LC20-20QBB), see link

Could anyone tell me if the AB7007 is compatible with the Micro820 PLC ??
Do I need a higher end PLC?? Maybe the Micro850??

I just want a demo system, that allows potential customers to have an ‘hands-on’ experience with the automation product.


Hi a,

The AB7007 will work with the Micro820. That should be fine for a small demo like this.


Good afternoon Kyle.

what would be the procedure for the communication of Ab7007 with the plc micro 850.

I’m searching the internet and can’t find information about it.


best regards.

I assume you are using the Micro 850 as the master? and you are connecting to serial device(s) through the AB7007?

If that’s the case, you would use Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. Does that sound right? Which would you be using?