Is there a battery in the Flexy 205?

I just updated my UL508A procedure to allow me to use the Flexy 205 and they put a reference to a battery in the description. It says we have to apply a label if the battery of the device will be in an area accessible to the operator. I haven’t seen any reference to a battery in the Flexy 205 and I’m assuming this is just a general statement they use on a new device if they aren’t sure whether it has a battery to protect themselves. Just so I’m clear…there is NO battery on a Flexy 205, correct?


There is a CR2032 battery located internally on the 205. It is used to keep the RTC up to date when it is not powered on. Here is a snip it regarding it from the installation guide.


Under normal operation it is not accessible and required the device to be powered down and partially disassembled to be accesses. Let me know if you have further questions.