Is there a Profibus GSD file with option to select a Input with 160 Bytes or greater

Emerson DeltaV communicating via Profibus to a 4B F-500 monitoring system. Unable to communicate to all 32 nodes on the 4B system due to the current 128 Byte limitation. Currently using Anybus-S PDP Version 1.5 GSD file.

Hi @tschlotterback,

Can you tell me the article number for this device? It’s usually AB followed by a 4 digit number.


How do I identify the article number on the device?

I think I found it. It looks like it’s an embedded device, the AB4005.

Is this an already embedded device or are you developing this device to connect with Emerson’s DeltaV? If this is an already embedded device unfortunately I cannot be sure if there is a newer GSD for the input size you’re trying to achieve. OEM’s that integrate Anybus embedded cards manage their own application and GSD files, so it is up to them what state the application is in. For this reason, please try reaching out to the manufacturer.

If you’re the OEM developing this device to connect to the Emerson DeltaV, then the link below gives some documentation guides that should be helpful

The generic GSD file for the device is also included with that link.

Yes this device is already installed. The manufacturer had directed me to contact Anybus for additional options. Is is possible to create a new GSD file?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to help with an already integrated device. You’ll need to talk with the OEM that integrated the AB4005 into your device. We can only provide the genereic GSD file.