Issue : Connection to the Talk2M Access Server failed -- TrustFailure


We are trying to commission an eWon at a custumer in Canada. There is always an error when testing the connection to the VPN server.

if we do a Takl2M Connection Checker we get this error.

I know that the client network is protected by a firewall. We have opened all TCP and UDP ports.


We are having issues with our Connection checker right now. It is causing a failure when trying to access the test servers. We are working towards releasing a new version that fixes that issue.

When you run the Talk2m Wizard, do you get any errors?


When we run the Talk2m Wizard it isn’t work. It loops during the VPN connexion test. After a long time an error Fail to connect to VPN is coming.

Can you attach a back up with support files? This can be done using eBuddy. I need to review the configuration and event logs.

Have you been able to pull a backup with support files on this device?

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delay, i wasn’t at work this last time.

My custmer in Canada detect that the ewon will connect to a server in EU. They have some geo restrictions in they firewall.

Is it possible to force the eWon to connect to a server in US ???

Tanks for you reply


If you run the VPN/Talk2m Wizard, it should connect to the closest server and use it for access.


The closest server from the location of the eWon or the location from where i m connecting with the eCatcher?

I’m in Switzerland.

Why the eWon try to connect to a server in Netherland if it is located in Canada ?

The device will connect to the closest server. The Server hostname and address is refreshed upon the VPN wizard.

If need be, you can run the Internet Wizard then select “Initialize configuration.” This will clear all VPN settings, so that it can get a new connection to the closes server.

Is there any update to this issue?


the customer do again the wizard. reseting the initialize configuration it will works.


I am glad the issue is resolved.