Issue in eCatcher when connect cosy 131 and no usb conection is not showed



I successfully connect the cosy 131 but i cant see the usb connection to the PLC, i tried with other cosy and it works. Please advice. I has this issue before, i thought it was the cable but now i checked everything and a don’t find the issue. The cosy has the latest Firmware, the USBIP is Enabled and the cable is fine. what else can be ? thanks



In the summary page on your device is the PLC showing up under USBIP?



No, it’s no showed in the sumary, just says that is Enabled.


What is the brand and model of the PLC you are trying to connect.


it is a Panasonic FP-X C60



could you send us a backup file with support files for the device in it’s current state. Also after doing that if you plug in a usb drive into the device does that show up.



Backup.etar(1).gz (12.8 KB)

Hello, i plug just a regular usb but it did nothing. Thank!



Could you send a backup with supporting files from eBuddy. the option should look like this.




Hi, i sent you the file early, this is the file again, [color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (37.5 KB)

Also, we tried we our own cosy that we user for test, and we can see the USB, the only difference is the version of the firmware, this is older. But we try with the new ones and we can’t see the USB


Hi, this is the file. Thanks! [color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (37.5 KB)



Are you able to upgrade the cosy you use for testing to the lastest firmware and does it still work then.


Hi, the one that I use for testing has still an old firmware version. I am going to upgrade it and test it to see. Thanks


I just Upgrade to the last firmware version of the cosy that we use for test and the USBIP works.

The other one still doesn’t works. I will try with a new one to see.



I took a new cosy and i did all the steps from the scratch and it worked. I will reset the other one, it might be something at the very beginning of the configuration that wasn’t right. Thanks