Issue with OPEN "xxxx.csv" FOR BINARY APPEND AS 1

Hi, I’m trying to export some tag values to an .csv file.

Here is my code that execute every 1 min.

It does create the .csv file.

When I open the file, it works.

When I chance the string wrote by the ewon’s BASIC IDE.

It keeps the last string and shows only the number of caracters of the new string.

Why ? Thank you.

I’m having trouble replicating your issue. On my system this just appends the text in line 29 to the end of what’s already there. Can you attach a backup with support files so we can see your code in context? You can download one under Diagnostic → Files Transfer by clicking “Support files” at the top right.

Backup.etar.gz (25.0 KB)

I’ve open the .csv file created by the EWON using ftp://%EWONIP%.
Even if I delete the .csv file, it does the issue described above.

If I change the file name, it works for the first PUT instruction, it doesn’t remember the last string. After the CLOSE instruction, when I OPEN “XXXX.csv” FOR BINARY APPEND AS X it will do the issue again, using the last string instead of adding a new one.

I recommend you make a post at the Ewon TechForum, which is usually better suited for technical scripting questions. This behavior is strange but I am still unable to replicate it on my device. The users on this forum will have more experience and may be able to provide better information.