Ixxat SG gateway - can't ping Profinet port


I’m configuring Ixxat SG-gateway with PROFINET (the one with only 1 Ethernet port).

From Ethernet side it is connected to switch and have IP address of There is also the second identical Ixxat module with IP

From Profinet side it is connected directly to test PC (we hope so, but have some doubts now). We use upper Profinet port configured from Ixxat setings page as;, GW Port indicates green after connection of Ethernet cable. The problem is that I can’t ping the device on Profinet port from test PC. I also used Profinet commander to search for module, it doesn’t apear in the list.

What I found today - when I change test PC IP to, I can ping both - 0.14 and 0.15 Ixxat modules. Is it possible that Ixxxat Ethernet port has internal switch to Profinet ports? We are 99.9% sure that test PC is connect only to Profinet port, but why I can ping all LAN devices connected to switch? There is stil 0.1% chance that test PC is connected to switch instead to Profinet prot, but before we send someone to verify it in place, it will be good to know that Ixxat is able to make such internal switching.

Of course all settings ae properly saved, module was rebooted several times, Ixxat log shows that Profinet IP is set properly etc.

Hello Piotr!

The Profinet Port and the Config port are seperate from each other and can not be connected or part of a switch.

Just for visualization purpose: You can think of the config Ethenet Port and the Profinet Port as separate Devices from the IP/ Network side.
Each needs its own unique IP address.
You can not reach the config Port through the Profinet Port or the other way around.

Did you give the Profinet Port some Input or Output Data?
I think I remember something that the Profinet Interface needs at least a byte of Data somewhere…

And do not configure single Bits for the Profinet (or Profibus) Interface. It’s an option (I think still) in the interface but that’s not good.

The smallest size should be one byte.



Thanks for reply.

Just to be sure, it is not possible to ping devices on Ethernet port from Profinet port, even if configured in the same address range (192.168.0.x, let’s say) - can you confirm it?

If that’s correct - we need to check connections - it’s easy to draw it on the paper, but in the lab condition there is hundred of Ethernet cables, so maybe here is the mistake. This is how(we think) it is connected now:

And when I change IP address of test PC to the - I can ping all devices on switch side…Note that cable is still in Profinet port!

Profinet has configured about 100 Inputs, mainly 32 bit and 8 bit integers, no bit/boolean used there.

Hello Piotr,

It’s not possible to ping the config Ethernet Port (in your example 0.15)
if the sole connection of the PC is the Profinet port (in your example 1.15)

Its only possible if the PC is either directly connected to the config port (0.15) or on a switch which is connected to that port.

Yes please check were the Ethenet cables physically go. It looks like the test PC is connected on the wrong Port to me.

Can you also Open the Webpage of the SG Gateway if you switch the PC to 0.10 and open 0.15 in the Browser? This would make 100% sure you are connected to the Config Ethernet Port.
and not some random other Device with the IP address 0.15.



Yes, I confirm that I opened IXXAT configuration page - both for 0.14 and 0.15 devices. So we need to check whether cable from test PC is really connected to Profinet port.
Thank you so far!

Best regards, Piotr


The problem was with cabling. The connections were fixed and now I can ping the modules and find them with Profinet Commender.

Than you for your assistance once again.

Best regards, Piotr