IXXAT USB-to-CAN v2 time out


Hi Greg,

Please send me that info and I’ll give you a call at 2:00 PM tomorrow (3 EST) to go over it with you.



  • 2 Transmissions, both were working, now one is timing out
  • He already replaced all the hardware/cabling, etc.


Hi Kyle,

Here are three pictures of the problem. The Chrysler ok pic shows the tablet which the Ixxat Card is connected to where the communication was fully loaded. The vhsg tablet not ok pic shows where the communication is halted. The test software shows the messages of the test software timing out waiting for the seedkey to pass.

To sum up, our Chrysler licensed transmissions communicate fine and our ZF licensed transmissions don’t.

Thanks again.

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Hi Kyle,

I tried to connect the test tablet and test PC with my mobile hotspot but I think our IT Security will not allow explorer to connect.

I’ll need to figure out what is blocking the hotspot from the internet to connect to teamview.

I hope we can reschedule this troubleshoot sometime next week when I can connect.


Greg Zozaski