Java and TLS

I need to do HTTPS client authentication with Java. I am using an older version of the Apache HttpClient library to do that.
I am getting this error:
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

It looks like the SSL Extensions that should be bundled with JDK 1.4 are not included with eWon?

Is that the case? Is there another way to do TLS1.2 client authentication?

Hello @Tom_Tichy,

The JVM does not have full support for 1.4. to make https request you can use the Basic requestHttpx call.

res = ScheduledActionManager.RequestHttpX(CnxParam, Method, Headers, TextFields, FileFields, FileName);


Hi Deryck,

thanks for your response.
HttpS is pretty much the standard nowadays. If Flexy is to do any type of sensitive data transfer over http, then TLS is a requirement. And that includes client side authentication.

Hoping that this is something that HMS can address promptly.

Thanks again,

Hi Tom,

The requestHTTPX call is making an HTTPS call but passing thought he Basic engine. I do agree there should be full support int he Java environment for this. As you said HTTPS and TLS are standard.
I will pass this feedback onto the developers.


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