Keep getting issues with remote conection with customers through ewon cosy

Hello, Since the last few months, we are having issues connecting to ewon cosy remotely to customers. Most of then were because of IP conflicts that their WAN is in the same range of ewon cosy LAN range. DO you have proper documentation to alert or make awareness in customers about this IP issue???, thanks!

Hi @peterx22,

You make a good point, that while it may be basic knowledge to an IT or network person that this is just how a router works, it might not always be clear to the end user setting up the device that they are going to have 2 separate networks when they are finished. While it is mentioned in the Installation Guide, it may be helpful to have a more prominent warning:

One thing I always recommend for machine builders that are incorporating the eWON is to use an uncommon IP subnet. Never use 192.168.0.X or 192.168.1.X. Try something like 10.85.240.X.

I will recommend to the folks that do our documentation that there should be a more prominent warning to prevent people from setting the same address on the WAN and LAN. While this will cause the Internet Wizard to fail, sometimes people don’t fully test it and confirm it’s working until they need it. Thank you for the suggestion!


Thanks!..can you provide me a range of IP that i can use to avoid conflict with customer’s IP ?

There is no way to guarantee any IP address without first knowing your customers IP addresses, but It’s extremely unlikely they are going to use a network like or