LabVIEW API for V3 (vcilva.dll) vs. V4 (vcilva2.dll)



We use a number of USB-to-CAN adapters, and have numberous LabVIEW programs that work with V3. We are trying to migrate these to V4. It looks like the various subVIs are different between V3 and V4 and are not drop in replacements. When we install the V4 driver and try to open the LabVIEW programs written in V3 they can’t find the dll. It looks like the C API didn’t change between V3 and V4. In looking at the sub-VIs in V3 it looks like they reference vcilva.dll, where those for V4 seem to reference vcilva2.dll. Is there a way to re-name the .dlls, or the links in the V3 LabVIEW code to work with V4 without replacing all of the V3 sub-VIs with V4?

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The LabView API-Addon V4.0.33 Installation will download the correct DLL (vcilva.dll or vcilva2.dll) according to the VCI driver you have installed. You may need to uninstall VCI V3, then install VCI V4, and then install the Add-On.


This worked well, now the LabVIEW source code written with V3 runs with V4 installed. I did un-install V3, installed V4, then the API-Addon. If we have .exes which were written in LabVIEW with V3, is there a way to make them work on machines which only have V4 installed? If not, if we re-build using V4 will they work on a V4 machine?



I think they should be compatible if you have the vcilva.dll file in the same directory as the .exe. Let me know if you have any trouble.