Live Monitoring of Data


I am trying to troubleshoot connectivity between our Mill PLC network (PROFIbus) and a Device Network. It is currently interfaced using an ANYBUS gateway ([Ethernet IP + MBTCP + WEB Slave] to [PROFIBUS Slave]).

I am trying to determine where the breakdown of information is and would like to know if there is any software that I can view the information contained in each memory address in real time. Through the Anybus Config Manager I am able to see the layout of the data addresses (IN area, OUT area) but I am not able to see the actual byte information stored.

Is this possible?



2CPCM ABB Shape - ANYBUS Config.html (4.4 KB)

Hello @TButchart_AMDofasco,

My first suggestion would be to look at the webpage of the ethernet interface. This will show you the first 64 bytes. It is shows each individual byte in hex. The data seen on the ethernet side will mirror what is on the profibus side.
In EIP == out Profibus
Out EIP == in Profibus

If you need to look at more data you could use an EIP scanner or a modbus TCP client.


Hi Deryck,

Thanks for the reply. When i attempt to access the webpage of the ethernet interface, get a popup message that states: “Error: Unable to detect module type!” (screenshot attached). Is there some Internet Explorer addon that I need installed to be able to access the webpage?

ANYbus Ethernet Error

No special add on is needed. Im not sure what would trigger this from the webpage. Do you have issues downloading with ACM? Does it work in another browser like Chrome or firefox?