Logging Valid Range being ignored

Hi, i have a logging parameter set to give a positive valid range only and delta logging a counter. When the counter goes back to 0 the logging is giving a negative delta value which is displaying to the graph. Not sure why the negative value is being logged.

Hi @jrgranola1 ,

What was the value before the counter rolled over? When it resets the netbiter is going to see it go from the highest value down to zero giving a negative delta.

The counter value was around 2100 so I see the negative delta of that value on the graph. The manual says the whole purpose of the Valid Range is that if a value (-2100) is returned that is outside of the valid range (0 - 65,000), the value is ignored and not logged. Seems the manual and Argos are not matching up.

Hi @jrgranola1 ,

I see what you are saying. The valid range is for the parameter value not for the delta. It would prevent a log point if the counter read a negative value.

Any workarounds? For the delta calculation v.new-v.old = delta, does the v.old parameter value stay in storage until a valid v.new parameter value is recorded, then the new delta is calculated? If so there is no way to have the system ignore the negative delta value?

I am not not sure. I recommend opening a support case are reference this forum post. The support team can check with the development team.