Login fails to intesis support portal website

I have tried to use the intesis technical support website. It asked me to create an account, which I have done. When I log in it gives me a modal pop-up saying that an error has occurred, please sign out. In order to continue I must sign out. Therefore I cannot use the support website because I am not logged in and I cannot log in because every time I do an error occurs.

Please tell me how to fix this error and let me use the technical support website. Or give me another way to access technical support for the intesis products I have purchased.

Please check out this guide for information about how to create a ticket and how to troubeshoot problems:
How to create an Effective Support Ticket in the HMS Support Portal

If you continue to have problems with the website, please email support-webmaster@hms-networks.com.

I emailed support. You can close this request (as long as sorry will still be able to read it to get details)


Thanks for the update Dave!