Long reconnect after power cycle 4G

I have found that after a power cycle the cosy is taking for between 20 min to 2hours to reconnect over 4g.
Previouly i had been having drop out issues but these where sorted after changing MaxCallDur from 60 to 0.
Is there any way to tell why is taking this long or any setting to help with the initial connection times.



It can sometimes take a few minutes for the cell connection to complete after a reboot, but over 20 minutes is not normal. Can you make a backup of the device using eBuddy and check the box that says “Include Support Files” and send me the .tar file that you download?

How is the cellular signal strength in the area?


Hi Kyle

The signal seems strong according to the ewon and in a mobile phone.
Please find file attached.

There is an issue with the modem connecting to the cell tower, but since you are in the EU I’d suggest opening a case with our EU team who would be able to assist you better with this issue. Please go to:


Hi Kyle

Thank you, I shall open a case with them.
Could i ask how you determined there was a problem with the modem.

Thank you

Well it’s not necessarily an issue with the modem, but an issue with the modem connecting to cell tower. You can see that it can’t connect by these logs:

It could be the modem or it could be an issue with cellular service, but since I’m in the US and I’m not familiar with the EU networks, I think it’s best to have the EU office take a look at it.

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