Lonworks to BACnet connection of Lon problem


One of my customer wants to get data from echelon lon600 to INBACLON2500000. There are computers that have connection to echolon600 with lonworks that connected to same port with gateway so they want to get the lon values to read from their bacnet device. Even he connects Lon cable coming from the Lon mokko to gateway directly, no data recieved.

The video shows the connections and the topology are in the attachment.

I can look into this, but I would also suggest opening a case at https://mysupport.hms.se because your local office in the EU will be better equipped to provide support for this type of issue.

Keep in mind that the Intesis box is a Lon client. Is the Ion600 a client or server? Can you share your configuration?

Have you followed the instructions in the User Manual?

thanks Kyle for your quick response,

i have created a case at hms support for this case. hope to get fast response

They should get back to you soon to help you with this issue.

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