Lost Connection during Download Configuration

I found a PC Connector Cable, and could read the current configuration of AB7000C gateway.
I made changes and sent a command to download the new settings. The download was being applied when i lost communication.

The device went to booloader mode.

According to the manual, when the device enter in bootload mode, it’s necessary to do Factory Reset. I click in this button, but the program can find the device anymore.

I removed the power of device many times, and sometimes the device “woke up” and i can connect. But when i try make the download again, the entire process repeats and the device back to bootloader mode and i lose connection.

I try to connect with two different pc connector cables. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m using Windows 10 S.O.

I read some forum threads, like (AB7000 connection issues - #8 by kyle_HMS)
and visualized that many people have this same problem.

Thanks a lot!

I made a download sucessfully using a virtual Machine with Windows 8. I forward the USB service to into VM, and in this specific machine, the download was sucessfull.

Thanks a lot!

Oh excellent, I’m glad you were able to find a solution.

I will note this topic to assist others.