Lost Network Connection after VPN Setup

Are you using the Datamailbox? It looks like these errors are just the result of the connection problem.

In the BASIC IDE click Run and check Autorun:

Yes I am using the data mailbox and I set autorun.

Can you provide a new backup of each device now that the changes have been made?

Kyle, here are both of the backups.


It looks like you may have overwritten one device with a backup of another:

2021-05-14T19:20:13 GMT INFO: DEV1099264:Old eWON serial number [2103-0090-24] was overwritten by [2103-0092-24] during registration for eWON: CF2

The devices are conflicting in T2M. You should reset both of them back to factory defaults, then run the Internet and T2M Wizards again to see if you can get them both back online.

Is it not possible for me to change the serial number so that they are not conflicting.

This can happen when you restore a backup from one device to another device. They will have identical settings so T2M cannot tell them apart and it causes a conflict.

Okay, I will try this and get back to you.

The Ewon on CF1 has serial number [2103-0092-24] on the box.

I also looked in talk2m and on the flexy homepages and there are no overlaps in serial number.

I am still unable to connect through ethernet when the vpn is connected on the CF1 flexy.

I think that this forum describes the same issue I am having, although it doesn’t seem like it was answered succesfully.

On which port are you connected to?

Do you have a link?

I can see that both Ewons are online, so they should be reachable through eCatcher or M2Web.


I apologize I thought that I sent that link, however I’m not sure what I did but it seems to be working. When I can get to my computer I will send you the new backup.

Kyle, Attached is the working backup. MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (32.5 KB)

I need to know what port you are connecting to on the Ewon when you are trying to to connect. Is it directly connected to the Ewon or through a switch when it is not working?

You are no longer having the problem?


I am connected to the Ewon via its connection to our local network. So I guess the wan port.

And yes it seems to be available now when the VPN is on.

Really not sure why you can’t connect to it on the WAN port if you have WANItfProt set to 2. (Keep in mind this requires a reboot to take effect.)

Sounds like a routing or connection problem on the network. If you connect directly to the WAN port and have an IP address on the same subnet, you should be able to connect to it.