Good day.
I have installed AntyBus AB7612-B converter X-gateway in order to transform J1939 data coming out form Caterpillar engine to Modus interface for alarm and monitoring system.
Unfortunately some data are not correctly decoder on ships alarm and monitoring system side and we are expecting some incorrect setting on AntyBus converter.

In order to check setup of AnyBus coverter I have downloaded and installed on laptop with Windows 10 Configuration Tool BWConfig .
Because currently use laptop have not got serial output I have connected AntyBus converter via USB/serial converter.

Unfortunately I cannot get a communication between converter and laptop.
Would you be so kind and provide info if configuration Tool BWConfig program is compatible with Windows 10 or 7? Maybe we have to use different program.
Is there any possibility that AbtyBus converter do not tolerate USB/serial converter?
If so is there any other option to connect to AntyBus converter??

Thank you in advance for support.

Hi @Lukasz_Lasota,

I have used BWConfig on windows 10 with a usb to serial. It has been a few month but i dont remember there being any issues. Were you seeing any specific errors?