M2Web error "does not exist" when replacing eWON

An existing eWON Cosy 131 with M2Web access was replaced. The original Talk2M Activation code was re-used in the new eWON Cosy 131. The new eWON was made available for M2Web access once more. When customer logs into M2Web, they get this message:

(have censored some information)

The error message says: “[device name] does not exist.”

I think this error message somehow refers to the original eWON Cosy 131 that used the previous Talk2M activation code. I am wondering how to get rid of this error message, as the customer is bothered by it greatly.

Duplicate the ewon device in the properties. Give the device the activation key from the duplicate then delete the original from the account.

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I misunderstood this reply the first time I read it. Have followed your directions. Seems to have fixed the error. Thank you for your support.

That is pretty much what I did already.

When I replaced the original eWON Cosy 131:

I first copied the old 131’s Talk2M activation code from its properties.
I then deleted the old 131 from eCatcher.
I setup a new 131.
I pasted the old 131’s Talk2M activation code into the new 131’s Talk2M activation field.
I enabled M2Web access for the customer to the new 131.

Now when the customer logs into M2Web they get the error in the screenshot. It seems to reference the existing of the original 131. I do not understand why. I do not know how to get rid of this error message in M2Web.