M2Web New Interface

Is there a url for m2web that would force using the new website interface? I send links to our customers that include our account name to make things easier for them. If possible, I would like the link to take them straight to the new interface, as I think it’s much more refined looking.

Hi Rob,

The new M2Web interface is still currently being developed and isn’t available to be used by the public yet. Were you directed to the new interface somehow?


Hi Tim,
There appears to be a link in the upper right hand corner that allows switching between the (2) interfaces…see picture below. By default, the first time you go to m2web.talk2m.com it directs you to the ‘classic’ interface. I was just hoping that there was something I could add to the URL to go straight to the new interface.


Hey Rob,

Sorry about that, I guess that the beta recently went live for this.

You can add /changeskin to the end of the URL to get this to work though

For example this is the one I use:

Thanks Tim, I’ll give that a try!

Hi Tim,

Just to follow-up, using ‘changeskin’ at the end of the URL doesn’t work either as it will toggle back and forth between the interfaces every time you click the link.


It looks like if you use the changeskin at the end of the url once it will stay at that new interface the next time you use the regular link

This new interface is fantastic!
the search function is a big news and very helpful for me, i have about 1000 ewon in my account…

a have a suggestion for a feature in the map view : currently we can see only the status of the ewons: green=online, gray=offline;

i think that a big improvement is to allow to expand this status values/colors, adding a link between a specific tag in ewon, for example:
somewere in the ewon you have to define on your tag a special tag that you want to use for the status representation; then in m2web you can decide for each value of this tag, the corresponding color to see in the map;
so in this mode i can see on the map all my plants and the status of each plant (for example: green= in production, yellow=in hold, red=in alarm).

many thanks !


Sorry for the late response, I thought I hit the reply button but must have missed it. I let the development team know about this request for you