M2Web - Seperated logins


Would there be a way to a separate login and password for M2Web VueON HMI screens?

We have an application where we would want to share the ViewON screens with contractors without providing our entire M2Web login access details.

You can create multiple users for both your Talk2M account and the Ewon itself.

For the Talk2M account (the details used to log into M2Web), you’ll log into eCatcher as an admin, then click Users on the left. Click Add and fill in at least the username and email address, then on the next page, you can either manually set a password or send an invitation to the email address specified so they can create their own password.

For the Ewon itself, log into the Ewon as an admin, then navigate to Setup → Users. Click Add at the top to add a new user.

If you don’t have it already, you can download eCatcher here: Ewon Software Download | Ewon Technical Support