M2Web VNC Connection Time Out

Good Morning,
I’m experiencing what may be a rather unique issue for how we are utilizing the M2Web service. We are an OEM of equipment and as a service, we provide some customers with the ability to remotely VNC into their HMI via M2Web. Our only major issue with this is that customers have a tendency to leave the VNC connection open for long periods of time. The intention with this service is to allow them to check in on the machine or to make quick changes. Our data cost for the month of March so far is $400, so we need to do something to force shorter connection periods.

Is there anything that can be done on the M2Web end of things to limit the VNC connection to a certain amount of time? This would be ideal because if we, internally, need to connect for longer periods (which we often do), then we would be able to via eCatcher connection.


Unfortunately, there is no native way to timeout connections once they become active. They will need to log out of the sessions in order to close them.

You can construct an some code with the M2web and use stateless requests to gather infomration that you need.


Thanks, that was my expectation, but thought I’d ask to be sure. If we could run the selectable timeout feature up the flagpole as a feature request, that would be great! I will contact the customer and see if we can get them to manually limit their connectivity time until I can get something else in place.