Maintain connection selected ... Wakeup is impossible

since a few months on every Flexy 205 or 201 with a modem connection , after completing the VPN wizard, we get this notice.

Since we are having problems with a lot of our ewon losing connection we are wondering if this could be the cause.
Can you explain what does these notice mean and if it could be connected with our Flexys losing connection?

When you select maintain connection, you disable the ability to send an Wakeup sms to activate the unit.

The wakeup SMS was created for 3G connections. The wakeup disabled would not be the cause of the disconnect issues.

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Thanks, In english the message is clearer, in italian the translation is slightly more confusing, “Wake is impossible” it’s translated to “Attivazione Impossible” that can be literally means “Activation is impossible” which to us sounded like that the VPN connection was having some problems.

Glad I as able to help