Micro 820 with ewon


Just wondering if there is any backdoor to access the sd card on the micro 820 through the ewon, maybe there is an API or something. All the manuals tell me I can only access the sd card through CCW, put the PLC into program mode than I can download the files. just wondering if anyone has tried this or if anyone knows it is futile to try.


Hey Lucas, does the micro 820 have an ftp server on it?


If so you might be able to do something like this

GETFTP “server_file_name.txt”,"/usr/ewon_file_name.txt"
GETFTP “server_file.txt”,"/usr/ewon_file.txt",“user:pwd@ServerTP.com:21,1”
GETFTP “inst_val.txt”,"/inst_val.txt"


unfortunately the micro 820 does not have this capability, seems like the sd card is isolated from everything.

This is a no go!



Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything we can do for this one then