Micro800 to Anybus 3007


I am trying to connect a micro800 to an anybus abc3007 that is reading a rs485 device. I have the serial side set up with a single modbus rtu transaction and they anybus is receiving 70 bytes.

Now when I try to use the micro800 to send a CIP MSGGeneric to the anybus to pull that data I am getting a “function not supported at device” error in CCW.

I have tried to read multiple different assemblies and have been unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.

I have more information now. CIPMSG AppConfig is:
Service: 14
Class: 4
Instance: 100
Attribute: 3
Member Count: 1

CIP Status ErrorID is 224 and SubErrorID 5. This has been flopping back and forth with SubErrorID 4 depending on the AppConfig settings. 224 means CIP Status Error. SubError 5 is path destination unkown and 4 is path segment error. Tried to get Rockwell to help and they referred me back to you.

I feel like this is an issue with CCw as I’ve read a lot about the issues with it now, but let me know what you think. Thanks.

Hi Nick,

Did you watch the video on how to setup a Class 3 Connection in Studio 5k? I understand you’re using CCW, but the process is similar, and the Ethernet/IP parameters are identical.

Do you have Ethernet/IP Scanner simulator software that you could test with ABC3007?

Which version of CCW are you running? I can check if anyone has experience with using it with the Communicator and let you know.

Kyle hello again!

I have watched that video. I am using the most recent version of CCW and there are a lot of features it does not have that Studio 5k does. For instance I have no way of uploading the EDS file for CCW to integrate with and select. I am in the process of getting wireshark to provide more info.

Another issue with CCW I can’t find a way to change the expected data type for CIPMSG Generic. So any help would be appreciated. I’ll try to get more info for you when I get wireshark. Thanks!

OK thanks for the update. We will test it here to see if we can get it working. We are not experts on the CCW software, we have much more experience with RSLogix, but we’ll do the best we can.