Missing data in historical log

Hi we are testing a Flexy 205 to record 9 tags of data at 1 second interval. We noticed some odd behavior in the historical records in the DataMailbox. Every few minutes there is 1 second of missing data and some other odd behavior.

We can currently access ~9 hours of data on the Flexy’s internal memory. The internal memory has no missing data. When accessing data through Data Mailbox we are missing ~1000 seconds of data over that same time period, so 15 minutes of data over 9 hours. Of that missing data 700 seconds is in one missing block, 300 seconds are intermittent missing rows of data and another 70 are partially recorded rows.

When comparing against the log from the internal memory there are no differences in the recorded data other than round-off error.

How can we troubleshoot this? 1 second logs are critical for our current use case.

Hi @K_Hutch,

We would have to take a closer look at this. Can you create a case at support.hms-networks.com and attach a backup of the Ewon with Support Files? You can download this from the Diagnostic > Files Transfer section, upper right-hand corner.

Thank you.

Sure thing. I’ll create a case now.


Thank you! Please feel free to share any solutions found here for future readers.

Sure, I’ll try to remember once we reach a resolution.

So far, we have not seen another large block of missing time. It’s possible that was the result of the test bench being powered off for a short time without us knowing.

The partial records of data are likely due to post-processing error, but I’m not 100% certain.

We are still randomly losing 1s of data for all tags every few minutes. Something on the order of 10-12 minutes of total data per day. The only proposed solution so far is to clear out our data mailbox, we’ve reduced that to roughly 1 day or approximately 1M datapoints. So far, that has not changed this intermittent missing data problem.

Ok, we reached a conclusion.

It turns out that our drive creating the data is missing some seconds of data. When reviewing the device logs, it’s clear that the missing seconds were never recorded on the Flexy and it is not an issue with the transfer of information to the Data Mailbox.

The issues presented themselves in part because downloading data from the m2Web account fills in missing seconds of data with the last known datapoints. This is a totally valid approach but caused some confusion on our end when attempting to verify/validate the data.

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Hi @K_Hutch,

Sorry, I was out of the office last week. I appreciate the update!