Modbus polling


I’m going to integrate 3 ModbusTCP-devices to a KNX-installation with your Gateway as a Master. To get the status of lets say all the smoke detectors, the gateway has to send requests to the FACP-modbus-slave to send over their status. Can I get the Gateway to do this periodically?
If I where to send KNX-telegrams requesting status for each detector, it will generate a lot of traffic.
I´m also going to integrate Modbus energy-meters, and I guess the same question applies for this integration as I want active power sent to the gateway periodically.

There is a function in MAPS called “Enable poll records”, I don’t know if this is the function I’m looking for, however I’ve not found out how it works.
The table is empty and I don’t know how I can make the signals appearing in the table.


Hi @eivber,

Can you tell me which anybus/intesis device you’re working with?


Its for the INKNXMBM1000000

It doesn’t appear that there’s any way to change the rate at which you’re polling the modbus devices. It seems that it’s just something that is done automatically

as for the enable poll records, this seems to allow you to group nonconsecutive registers together to be polled at the same time