ModBus Set Up Issue


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for taking my call today. I am trying to set up Modbus TCP connection between a Modbus PLC and Flexy 205. Looks like there is some issue with connection set up. In the configuration page, the status light is red and says no connection. Please see the attached screenshot.
I have been trying to contact your tech support for a few days now but was not able to get a hold of support team yet.
Best Regards,

Maryam Afshar


Hi Maryam,

Sorry for the delay. Can you post the backup of flexy so we can take a look? What model PLC is it connected to?



Hi Kyle,

What is the backup of Flexy?

It is an Idec FC6A, it communicates over Modbus TCP.




Is that possible for you to remote into my machine and check if there is anything wrong with it?


Hi Maryam,

You can use eBuddy to create a backup like this:



Yes, I can remote into your machine today. Would some time between 10:00 and 12:00 EST work?


Hi Kyle,

I was able to fix the Modbus issue. Now I am having trouble with Cellular connection. Are you still available today?


Yes, I can take a look between 3 and 4:00 EST if that’s ok.


Hi Maryam,

Can I get your phone number again? For some reason we are missing one of the digits. Sorry about that.



Hi Kyle,

I have tried troubleshooting the issue with one of our customer who is using Flexy 205. The issue is that Flexy can’t be found through eBuddy. The USR light is blinking orange. No extension cord is attached and there is no IP conflict. We also tried software recovery but the issue still exists.

Here is the serial number of the product: 1811-0108-24.

Can you please help if there is anything I can do to resolve the issue? If not should we issue RMA?


Hi Maryam,

I will need to either get the account credentials for Talk2M for the device (this has been set up I am assuming) or set up a TeamViewer session with a laptop that can access the device, in order to help you troubleshoot this issue.

If you can’t access the flexy at all, try the factory reset (power off and then power on while holding the reset button for at least 35 seconds until USR blinks red). If that doesn’t work you can try this recovery procedure:



Hi Kyle,

My phone number is 714-854-0800. Can we set up sometime tomorrow to troubleshoot the issue with Flexy 205? It is an urgent matter and I cant get a hold of your support team over the phone.

I really appreciate your help.


Tags on expansion card needed to be offset +2 to compensate for 2 built in DI and DO on device.