Modbus setup with communicator Mk2



I have followed the posts on “Modbus setup with Communicator” post.

The Device is a Weishaupt AZL52 and can now poll the device from the communicator, however, there are still two issues.

  1. I can’t seem to poll more than 40 words.
  2. if I try to configure a Write, the dreaded LED on #5, Flashes Red and Green on.

Attached is my config

Test_15Nov18.cfg (16.0 KB)
Test_15Nov18.cfx (1.2 KB)

Hope someone can make sense of this



Hello @MrGPz,

I had no issues with your configuration running and I increased the byte count without issue.
If you take a log of the communications on the bus do you end up seeing any responses back from the slave device?