Modbus-TCP Interface enquiry

I need support with below question for order nos. 1.01.0320.23110, 1.01.0320.20110, 1.01.0320.22110,

  1. What advantage is their when choosing this IXXAT PCIe ethernet interface cards, versus, say some generic ethernet card?
  2. What is the difference between the above three options?
  3. Can I get a better idea of what the API looks like?
  4. Does the API support Linux out of the box?
    5.Can I get a quote for both options, including all accessories and/or software I would also have to purchase?

Hello Nirav,

I would suggest you reach out to your distributor and discuss these options with our sales team. We have a technical sale team that will assist you will choosing the correct product for your project needs.

Generally, the forum is used for technical assistance with actively used products. You can reach out to our sales team at the link below: