Modbus TCP limited to number of simultaneous slaves to 10?

I read in one of the posts that you can have as many masters in a modbus TCP environment but only 10 slaves simultaneously. Is this correct so if I had 50 slaves I would require (5) modbus tcp ethernet ip anybus gateways?

Also just double checking if I have a devicenet network i need to connect to and other network would be ethernet ip the gateway would have a devicenet terminal block and on the other end there will be (2) ethernet ports to communicate to my plc? also up to 63 devicenet slaves?

what would you recommend I use if im wrong. thank you

Hello @lkl8082 ,

What anybus device are you using? Can you share the article number? Our modbus TCP master is capable of connecting to 64 slave. This may be a device limitation, the modbus TCP protocol is not limited to 10 slave. You can see details regarding what connection can be made from the the product page.
Anybus X-gateway - Modbus TCP Client - EtherNet/IP Adapter

Again, what is the article number for the devicenet device? Most of our EIP slave interfaces offer 2 ports on the ethernet/ip interface. The deviceNet interface uses a phoenix connector as seen in the installation guide. ABX-DEVM.indd (